What is the PHPA Local 102?

The PHPA Local 102 is an organization comprised of employees working on a Department of Defense (DOD) flight-training contract at Ft. Rucker, Alabama. The PHPA is affiliated with the Office & Professional Employees International Union (OPEIU)

What is the purpose of the PHPA Local 102?

The primary purpose of the PHPA Local 102 is to provide the employees working on this contract a unified voice in discussions with the Company. The Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) is a direct result of negotiations between the PHPA Local 102 and Company representatives. The PHPA Local 102 monthly membership meeting, held the second Thursday of each month, provides a forum for members to express ideas, air complaints, or get answers to questions relevant to the CBA or other matters of concern.

How is the PHPA Local 102 funded?

The PHPA Local 102 is supported entirely by the dues paid by the members.

How are the funds used?

Funds are used to pay rent and utilities, monthly premiums for the $5,000 life insurance that each member gets when they join, the salary of the PHPA Local 102 Office Manager, legal fees for grievances, office supplies, monthly newsletter mailings, or other expenses voted on by the members. Additionally, monthly stipends are paid to the President, Vice President, Recording Secretary, Secretary-Treasurer, and Trustees.

Who runs the PHPA Local 102?

The Executive Board, made up of elected members of PHPA Local 102, conducts the day to day operation. The Executive Board consists of the President, Vice president, Recording Secretary, Secretary-Treasurer, and four Trustees. The Executive Board holds meetings on the Tuesday before the monthly membership meeting to set the agenda and to discuss any grievances and other items of immediate importance. Matters requiring immediate attention are handled by contacting your PHPA Local 102 flight/section representative or a member of the Executive Board.

What is the purpose of the PHPA Local 102 flight/section representative?

The PHPA Local 102 flight/section representative is your immediate point of contact to represent you should you have any work related issues concerning the CBA. He/she is the source of information for the proper steps to filing grievances. Each flight/section should elect someone to act as their flight/section representative and rotate the responsibilities from time to time to other members. Although a voluntary position, it is a very important responsibility. The flight/section representative has a copy of the CBA and should be able to help his/her fellow employees in matters dealing with the articles and appendices contained therein. The representative should attend all PHPA Local 102 meetings. It is the PHPA Local 102 flight/section representative’s responsibility to report to their fellow members all appropriate information covered at the meetings.

What has the PHPA Local 102 done for you?

Virtually every aspect of your job at Ft. Rucker is affected by the PHPA Local 102 negotiating with the Company either during CBA negotiations or through grievance procedures including arbitration and mediation. Pay raises, insurance, health benefits, working conditions, vacations, seniority bonuses, grievance procedures, sick benefits, 401K, and job protection are all fought for and protected by the PHPA Local 102. PHPA Local 102 also provides to members, through payroll deduction:

  • Optional Long-Term Disability Program
  • Optional Long-Term Care Insurance
  • Optional Life Insurance
  • Optional AFLAC Insurance Products That Include Accident, Cancer, Etc.

Each time the PHPA Local 102 holds discussions with the Company for a new CBA our pay and benefits are subject to negotiation. That is why strong representation by our negotiators and Executive Board is extremely important.

What can you do for the PHPA Local 102?

Join! Attend the meetings and make your voice heard. Vote! Get involved in your organization. Volunteer to act as the PHPA Local 102 representative for your flight/section. Attend the meetings and become an informed source of information for other members.

What are the membership dues and fees?

Membership dues are 0.9% of base salary with a one time $2 initiation fee.

Looking for the Testing Center?

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The Testing Center / Arsensault Aviation Center
354 S Daleville Ave., Suite B
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Phone #: 334-701-7602