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Professional Helicopter Pilots Association - Local 102

PHPA is a labor organization granted legitimacy by an act of Congress of the United States of America, to represent the employees of the flight training contract workforce for collective bargaining of wages, benefits, working conditions, and grievances.

The goal of the membership is to provide the customer professional training in a safe and efficient manner.


General Membership Meeting – 8 January

The next General Membership meeting is January 8th @ 1830 hours. Look forward to seeing you there.

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2014-2017 CBA Download

The new 2014-2017 Collective Bargaining Agreement is now available for download. Local 102 Collective Bargaining Agreement It can also be downloaded from the Local 102 Forms page. The above files are in PDF format. Click the image below to get the free Adobe Reader.

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New CBA Ratified

With 86% of the union members voting the following were the results: YES for Ratification – 140 (67% of those voting) NO against Ratification – 69 (33% of those voting)

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New CBA Briefing Handout

The following are from the new CBA briefing: CBA Briefing Slides Click here to open in a new window Wage Schedules Click here to open in a new window

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Proposed CBA Briefings and Vote

To All Members: There will be 3 briefings on October 22 , 2014 at 0930, 1230, and 1530 hrs. to discuss the Company’s final, best, last proposal to the CBA. A ratification vote will be held the next day, Thursday, October 23, 2014, followed by a special meeting that night at 1830 hrs. to announce the results. Members may vote …

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